TANE’s luxurious newborn Gift Sets are the perfect celebratory expression for any infant. Using GOTS certified organic cotton, in a ribbed fabric, these styles are must have essentials to welcome all babies.

Two styles of Onesies are offered, one as a Crewneck Onesie and the other as a V-neck Onesie, both with easy snaps as closures. Our best seller, Leggings with Feet Cover , are the pants of choice, with soft elastic gently bordering the waistband. Our double-layered Skull Cap warmly protects the newborn, while our Booties + Mitts Set softly cover precious fingers and toes. TANE completes this gorgeous set with a generous Swaddle Blanket with Self Hood that can be used indoors or out. All styles are available in gender neutral colors of Graphite and Bone. We adore these beautiful styles, knowing they will keep the baby happy and healthy. We suggest mix and match any styles for the most splendid TANE organics Gift Set.