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Certified Organic Cotton

Using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, TANE’s cotton fibers are grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The fabrics are free of chemicals, protecting young skin from irritation and allergies. In addition to minimizing toxic exposure, eco fabrics last longer. 

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TANE Design

TANE believes that pure luxury means less.  Choosing to emphasize high quality, and focusing on the integrity of great designs.  Simple, easy shapes with attention to detail and texture offer a sophisticated system of dressing that is both versatile and unique.

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Baby with organic globe rattle

TANE gives back to Pencils of Promise

The TANE organics 8” hand made crochet globe rattle in 100% organic cotton celebrates the joy of childhood, the playfulness of a simple design, and the closeness of the world in our hands. Enjoy, celebrate, and share TANE organics’ vision of making education possible for all children with a passion for learning.

10% of every sale of the I am the World Globe will be donated to Pencils of Promise. Building schools from INSIDE OUT.

Your purchase will impact the future of a child, of a community, both local and abroad, and of the world.