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About TANE organics


Our Latest Collection

Sustainable Luxury…from artisans hands to yours:

When you purchase a handmade product created with a special connection, the origin of care, of love, is passed along with shared memories.  You can feel it.  Spring / Summer collection demonstrates intentionally constructing creative and unique styles.  LEARN MORE


Our Philosophy - Sustainable Luxury & Great Design

When you purchase a handmade product you can feel the care and love woven into its fabric. TANE is proud to create well crafted products that can be passed on, shared, and treasured intentionally. TANE purposely cuts and makes in small batches, which means more attention to detail and to perfection. Collectively, we can circulate quality clothing to continue telling stories, and to lighten our impact on planet earth.

TANE organics believes that the purest, most luxurious natural fibers should be enveloping your newborn and toddler. By choosing quality natural fibers, and consciously studying these materials, great design inevitably follows. 

TANE I Am The World Globe



Our Commitment to Planet and People

TANE's connection with Peruvian artisans supported by fair trade practices echoes TANE organics's commitment to the planet and its people. TANE celebrates this collaboration by assuring artisans are paid fair trade wages, and takes pride in mutual creative exchanges. Every purchase of a TANE product supports the vision of a cleaner, kinder earth. Supporting domestic production means keeping jobs and manufacturing local. Intentional selection of partnerships assures meaningful and positive production footprints. TANE organics believes in solid connections and a commitment to personal interaction and service. TANE believes the customers are just as important as those who crafted the garments.



Our History

Read all about TANE’s origin and inspiration from Sheree Lee, Creative Director / Founder. Choosing organic cotton material was intentional and by design. Having studied and worked extensively with textile, designing collections for high end women’s wear, fibers and yarns were an extension of Sheree's pens and pencils - tools that I adore to this day.