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TANE Fall / Winter 2023

“Sustainable Luxury…" from artisans hands to yours:

When you purchase a handmade product created with a special connection, the origin of care, of love, is passed along with shared memories. You can feel it.

TANE’s approach honors heirloom techniques, steeped in tradition, and is evident in the limited edition of naturally dyed baby alpaca sweaters. Each hand crafted piece is knitted using yarn dyed with plants and flora of the surrounding Andean mountains. The inspiration behind the textural honeycomb stitch is from honey bees, a community driven cooperative.

Together with highly skilled artisans, we work slowly, we work intentionally, and we work together in our shared vision of creating a product that is not only environmentally conscious, but also beautiful and comfortable. The exquisite hand finished techniques and intentional small production approach sets TANE products apart.


We joyfully introduce the textural flamé knit fabric, echoing the wisp of a bee’s wings. Buttery soft and airy to the touch. The clean modern lines and fresh saturated colors connect the new styles with iconic elegance.


The styles maintain their clean modern lines, and the colors remain fresh, pure, and natural. The iconic kimono inspired wrapped front onesie makes a powerful impression, as does the elegant pointelle stitch sweater cardigan.  

Sustainable luxury means intentional, lasting, and memorable.