TANE Fall / Winter 2022

“Home is where the heart is…”

Have you ever listened to the sound of a gentle wind among the trees in a magnificent forest?  Ever taken a moment to be still, and to be present, standing among strong and eternal giants.  TANE organics has always been inspired by the majestic earth.  And like a forest, our connection to Mother Nature starts with the organic seed.

Easing into TANE Fall - Winter 2022, we are reminded of nature’s embrace, on the homestead.  The wilderness of wild fauna and flora awakens us with its luscious colors and textures.  This awe-inspiring planet continues to provide warmth, feeding our mind and soul with simple necessities while continuously provoking curiosity and amazement.

We emphasize colors and shades inspired by this environment.  Soothing neutral hues ground the collection while subtle soft hand knit textures in iconic silhouettes evoke the forest’s canopy.  Buttery soft rib knit fabric coexists with brushed fleece, all the while connecting to the natural undyed fibers of baby alpaca yarn. 

Everything has a purpose, everything has a meaning.  This is intentional design.  Back to the basics of hand-knitting and hand-making of quality heirloom styles that can be passed down for generations with love and care. By being great stewards of the earth, the planet will not only survive, it will thrive.  Let us take this sensory exploration of the forest together.  This is sustainable design.