TANE Spring / Summer 2023

“Sustainable Luxury…" from artisans hands to yours:

When you purchase a handmade product created with a special connection, the origin of care, of love, is passed along with shared memories. You can feel it.

2023 will be the year of small, intentionally designed capsules from TANE organics.

We’ve revisited best seller styles and cut in small batches, which means more attention to details and to perfection. This year, we are thinking smaller, and more purposeful.

TANE fabrics continue to be GOT certified organic cotton. These styles maintain their clean modern lines, and the colors remain fresh, pure, and natural. The iconic kimono-inspired wrapped front onesie makes a powerful impression, as does the elegant link stitch sweater cardigan. TANE and pointelle have been synonymous with our brand, since its original, unique inception. We feature the sweater knit version in the sweetest pointelle cardigan, beautifully accompanies the capsules. Playful petite stripe knit once again connects the collection with urban coolness. Simply put, it’s time to think small, still intentional, and more meaningful.