TANE Spring / Summer 2022

“Summer in Normandy…”

A dot, alone, is just a spot. But, collectively, they can capture a scene miraculously. Georges Seurat’s signature “ pointillist “ style is just this intentional artistry. TANE organics’ updated Spring - Summer 2022 collection is inspired by this painter’s brilliance, specifically evoked by his painting, “Port-en-Bessin, Entrance to the Harbor”. His technique entails the application of dots, side-by-side, which result in a stunning work of art.

That sense of calm, of serenity. One can almost feel the breeze and the joy on this cool summer day by the sea. Shades of seafoam reveal a glistening harbor while shades of ecru dot the sails and the sand. We at TANE adore this tranquility and have merchandised our new collection by capturing its essence.

Pointelle textures playfully displayed side-by-side with buttery rib knits, while featherweight variegated rib knits breathe airiness into the silhouettes. The interplay of lightness in colors and fabrics is TANE’s signature in our aim to create an ephemeral, Seurat-inspired moment suggestive of eternity.