TANE Spring / Summer 2021

“Where the ocean kisses the sand…”

Soft sand, rolling waves, and endless breezes. The beach is where the ocean kisses the shorelines, no matter how many times it is sent away. So much joy and peace lie within a quiet escape to the beach. In this tranquil place TANE found the inspiration for Spring / Summer 2021, A new dawn, a new sunset, and a new beginning unfold every single day. We dream in colors borrowed from the beach, a place that constantly provides rhythm to soothe the soul.

A gentle reminder to choose our own way - intentionally, purposely - and to stay our course. We focus on iconic shapes that define TANE, and create new silhouettes which reflect our distinctive aesthetics. Refined details of raw edges rolled to remind us of waves crashing onto shore. Nautically inspired bateau necklines, reminiscent of sailor’s’ clothing, sail playfully through the collection.

Soft colors of Sand and Shell gracefully gather and whisper among muted hues. Soft elastics anchor at necklines, sleeves and hems, splashing details that will last a lifetime. Along our stroll, where water meets earth, we are mesmerized by the beauty of discarded shells, once armor of magnificent creatures now take shape in our hearts and in our dreams.