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Reflect + React = Refocus.

  TANE Fall / Winter 2020 collection retells the story of our connection to community, creativity, and certified organic cotton.  Our roots have always been firmly planted in our commitment to the planet and its people.  Our fabrics continue to be the most luxurious certified natural fibers, driving TANE iconic styles.  Our styles have consistently been well tested, durable, and loved.  Our neutral colors have stayed beautifully soothing.
about TANE organics
This is TANE organics’ DNA.  Intentional designs and mindful manufacturing allow for luxury in sustainability. TANE FW20 breathe calm and elegance by refocusing on our core: luxurious fabrics, great designs in graceful shades.  The resurgence of color Earth reminds us of always having the future in mind while honoring the past.  Shapes continue to be easy, simple, in the softest textures.  Melange color yarns and heirloom knits exude sophistication quietness.  Nothing is forced, nothing is superficial, and everything is purposeful.