TANE Bedtime Attire

Fridababy president & CEO Chelsea Hirshhorn give us her definitive registry list in Motherly interview, picking TANE organics for must have onesie bedtime attire.
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TANE organics’ one piece footies are incredibly soft and plush. Choose from various knit fabrics of pointelle, ribbed knit, or brushed heathered melange for the most comfortable fit and feel for your child. 100% GOTS certified and always free of pesticides, certified pima organic cotton just feels luxuriously amazing. The material wicks away moisture, ventilates cool air, making it breathable while retaining thermal insulation.

 Whether your child is a back or stomach sleeper, we have a variety of one piece footie styles for you to choose from. We love how the one piece is always just the right length with the right coverage. You can rest assure knowing that the purest hypoallergenic organic cotton knit will be enveloping your toddler. The elegant silhouette also makes it a wonderful newborn gift. TANE organics represents luxury organic cotton clothing.